How to Avoid Mistakes Buying a Fort McMurray Home

What can you do to avoid making a mistake when shopping for Fort McMurray real estate?

Buying What You Want, Not What You Need

If you need a home with enough space for the kids, the playroom in the finished basement or extra bedroom so two kids don’t have to share one could make all the difference in lifestyle. Buying less space than you need, though, will make your life miserable, even if you love the décor, want to live right next to the park and are thrilled with the design. Buying a home you fall in love with but can’t afford to pay for while saving for retirement is another mistake of letting wants take precedence over needs. Make a checklist of what you need in a home, such as the number of bedrooms, the price you can easily afford or location within easy walking distance of the bus stop. Let your realtor find homes on the Fort McMurray MLS that fulfill your requirements, so you only tour those that have what you need. Then, if you fall in love with the home, you know you aren’t choosing between wants and needs.

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Not Negotiating

Fort McMurray real estate agents are experts at negotiating. Not only will they find out for you if the property is priced right for the market, but they can negotiate the price down lower in many cases without low-balling the offer and getting rejected out of hand. Real estate agents in Fort McMurray are ready to negotiate terms such as repairs to take place before you move in, cash allowances to cover repairs flagged during the home inspection and other details that can make the move-in that much easier. But simply signing the contract at the price they offer is a major mistake, whether the realtor could negotiate the price down or arrange for thousands of dollars worth of concessions.

Overlooking the Hidden Costs

When comparing homes, too many home buyers overlook the hidden costs that make some homes cost more over the long run than properties with higher asking prices. These fees can range from maintenance for pools and landscaping to association fees to equipment in the home still on payments. Not Knowing the Neighborhood Research the neighborhood before you buy a home. How good are the schools in the area? How safe is the area? Would you feel good about letting your kids walk to the park unattended? Is the area going up or down in value, something which would affect the resale value of your home? If you’re new to an area, working with a Fort McMurray real estate agent who knows the area is of immense benefit.

Using the Wrong Realtor

Too many people ask friends, neighbors and relatives if they know a real estate agent and end up hiring a Fort McMurray real estate agent they know. You should instead hire an experienced and high volume real estate agent. These real estate agents have more connections to help you find homes not yet in the Fort McMurray MLS or properties still up for grabs that were taken off the listing. Established agents offer greater expertise than your friend who just earned a realtor’s license, and they can recommend home inspectors and legal professionals when that skill set is required.